One-Touch Conference Calls from Your Wrist

06 Oct 2015


The Apple Watch has been a game changer in the wearables industry. It was the most highly anticipated wearable device to date, which is apparent from its initial sales – it was completely sold out by the time of its official launch on April 24. To some degree, the Apple Watch did change the way iPhone users were interacting with their smartphones. However, there were a few issues, especially for developers building a third-party Apple Watch app.

For starters, third party watch apps ran on the user’s iPhone and the data and interface were not independent of the iPhone; rather, those elements were transmitted to the Apple Watch over Bluetooth, causing delays when an app was opened by the user. Additionally, a third party Apple watch app couldn’t use the hardware features of the Watch like the microphone, heart monitor, motion sensors and the digital crown.

Due to these limitations, several tech titans including Google and Facebook initially refrained from releasing their apps for the Apple Watch. These limitations also made it unfeasible for us to create a MeetingMogul Apple watch app; creating such an app would have been pointless as users could not use the Apple Watch to dial into conference calls directly from their wrist, which is the basic function that MeetingMogul provides.

This all changed with the release of Watch OS 2, which gave developers access to many of the Apple Watch’s internal sensors and features, including the mic, the digital crown, accelerometer and the Watch’s tactile notifications. The biggest change however was that it allowed third party Watch apps to run directly on the Apple Watch. This meant that third party Apple watch app performance would be much smoother and faster than before, enabling developers to provide a more fluid user experience and real-time data. Watch OS 2 also enabled the Apple Watch to connect directly to known WiFi networks.

Due to these new features, we were finally able to make the MeetingMogul Apple watch app a reality. Users can now use the MeetingMogul Apple watch app to join conference calls and meetings directly from the Apple Watch with one touch (thanks to the WatchConnectivity framework that enables the app to communicate with the user’s iPhone). They can talk directly into the Apple Watch saving them from having to take their iPhones out while driving or commuting. They can see their day’s agenda with a single glance on their wrist, and get meeting reminders and notifications directly on the Watch as well, which they can just tap to join a conference call directly. If they’re running late, they can send a text or email with one touch, directly from the Apple Watch, to notify other attendees. They can even take voice notes for their meetings by tapping on the Apple Watch and speaking into it.


The MeetingMogul Apple watch app helps makes the Apple Watch much more useful as a productivity tool, since it doesn’t just provide you with an alternate screen for viewing data from your app, but enables you to use the Apple Watch to join meetings and conduct follow up actions directly from your wrist, without needing to take your iPhone out of your pocket!

The MeetingMogul Apple watch app is free to use and will be available soon. Follow us @MeetingMogulApp to receive updates about the app’s availability.


David Lee

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