Own The Meeting


How it works

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Mobile Meetings Made Easy

MeetingMogul (formerly Conferencia) makes it easier to create, join and manage your conference calls.

Easy to set up

There is no setup needed so you can get started right away. Just install the app and you're good to go.


MeetingMogul keeps you updated and organized with an automatically synced list of your upcoming calls and meetings.


Personalize MeetingMogul according to your needs.

Create Favorites

You can add frequently used bridges as favorites. This enables you to make create quick calls and collaborate efficiently.

Customize Dialing Sequence

You can even customize the dialing sequence, to cater for those odd conference calls with unusual dial-in patterns.

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Awesome Features

For all your conference call needs.

Calender Sync with Salesforce & NetSuite Integration

Automatically sync conference calls and meetings from your calenders incl. Salesforce & NetSuite.

Call Alerts

Notifications and call reminders so that you are never late for your calls.

Call Meeting Participants Directly

Call any participant directly from the event view. No more going through your contacts to call an attendee.


Notify Participants

Running late? Quickly notify participants using predefined or custom messages.

VOIP Dialing

Use WiFi Hotspots and roaming data plans for VOIP calls and avoid costly roaming charges.

Meeting Notes with Salesforce & NetSuite Integration

Take voice and text notes against conference calls and meetings and sync them with Salesforce & NetSuite.