MeetingMogul for Enterprise

MeetingMogul for Enterprise helps you save big on your company conference call costs by using local dialing numbers and VoIP.

Increase employee efficiency through pre-configured team bridges. Boost the effectiveness of your company meetings by sharing collaborative agendas and notes at any time. Optimize your work planning by gaining access to valuable team insights.

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Cut Your Corporate Phone Bill In Half

MeetingMogul uses location and lets you connect into conference calls using your company’s regional numbers - Great for business travelers or teams connecting to international conference bridges.

Simply tap the phone icon to dial into your conference call, or select a contact, and MeetingMogul does the rest.

How It Works

Automatically detects your location, country code and company specific dialing settings.

Managed corporate & international dialing rules ensure lowest cost dialing into meetings.

VoIP calling takes advantage of WiFi Hotspots or roaming data plans to avoid roaming call charges, with no additional effort.

Make Team Meetings Efficient

Publish conference bridges directly to employees for easier one-touch dial-in to meetings.

Collaboratively plan meeting agendas with the invitees’ input.

Record actionable follow-ups and meeting minutes and instantly share them with all attendees.

Optimize Your Workforce with Valuable Team Insights

MeetingMogul for Enterprise provides detailed reports on usage patterns and call analytics, giving you valuable insight into your employees’ engagement and opportunities to optimize performance through the diverse features offered in their enterprise conference call app version.

Enterprise Grade Data Security

All location, calendar, contacts, host data & passcodes stored securely on device. MeetingMogul accesses the user’s phone calendar and contacts information; none of this information leaves their phone at any time. We utilize enterprise-grade security to ensure that user data remains completely confidential.

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