Top 7 Business Etiquettes for Hosting International Conference Calls

14 Sep 2017

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As communication technology advances, connecting people across the world, the need for international conference calls has become indispensable. Today,conference call services are very commonplace, as more and more companies opt to operate across the globe and in multiple time zones. However, with these advancing collaborative technologies comes responsibility, which sadly some of us tend to forget.

Even though conference call services are commonplace, it seems that conference call etiquettes are not. We need to understand that international conference calls differ from our everyday regular phone calls even though essentially they might seem similar. In an international conference call you are connecting, many times, across cultural and language barriers which is why conference call etiquettes are required.

Effective Conference Call Etiquette for Professionals

Whether you host a conference call or participate in one, you want all the participants to feel professional as well as productive. When an international conference call ends, you want everyone to have accomplished their objectives without feeling like the call was a complete waste of their time. We have created a list of top seven conference call etiquettes that will ensure a smooth and successful international conference call. And trust me, they don’t teach these in any business school!

Punctuality Matters

The top international conference call etiquette for us is punctuality. Consider this as a universal rule, irrespective of the country or culture you are in. No matter which timezone you are in, it’s never okay to keep other participants waiting on a scheduled call.

Set a reminder on your phone or through Google calendar to remind you of the meeting a day and even a couple of minutes before the scheduled call. In any unforeseen case when you do get late for the call, make sure you are not more than a couple of minutes late. When joining an international conference call in such a situation, apologize and briefly explain your delay once your presence has been acknowledged.

Consider Time Zones

Another international conference call etiquette to remember is to schedule the call keeping into consideration the various time zones of the participants. No one wants to be up at 4am in the morning to take your call, so ask the participants of a feasible time which works for them and then decide.

If you are calling a client then try and accommodate your call according to their schedule, even if it means calling a little after your regular work hours. Try Meeting Mogul for Enterprise which has been enabling businesses around the world to easily plan international conference calls across multiple time zones.

Come Prepared

Preparation is an important conference call etiquette. If you have input or queries which you want to discuss in the call, it is better to jot them down beforehand. You don’t want to forget something at the last minute or struggle through the call just because you forgot what you were just about to say while everyone waits for you to continue.

Voice Out the Right Way

Whether or not language is a barrier for the participants of the international conference calls you are attending, it is imperative to remain aware of how you are speaking. In some countries it is normal to speak fast but as a business conference call etiquette, remember to speak slowly and clearly to avoid miscommunication.

Also, when delivering important news or voicing out your opinion ensure you speak professionally and add small pauses to make sure everyone is follows along. If there are participants who have possible language barriers, hire an interpreter or try to break down what you wish to deliver, in an inclusive language, in simple sentences.

Mind your Manners

If participants in your international conference calls are from a different culture, then make sure you do a bit of research and learn about their culture beforehand. Be aware that people from other countries and culture are likely to express themselves differently. Be careful of your humor or the jargon you throw around, it might not translate well with others.

Also, make sure that you avoid eating or drinking during the meeting, it doesn‘t ‘sound’ nice. You do not want to sound rude or too direct to anyone, so in order to avoid any possible misunderstandings keep your tone professional and your speech light. Even though these might appear like small gestures but these seemingly unnoticeable actions make an imperative part of the business conference call etiquettes.

Jot Down Notes

Whether or not your conference call app has a recording feature, it’s just better to take notes. This will allow you to highlight concerns, queries and jot down thoughts that require immediate action. Reviewing relevant emails, presentations and notes prior to the meeting will allow you to prepare for the meeting. This will help you in remaining confident in your opinions and make the meeting more productive.

Reliable Conference Call App

Make sure you familiarize yourself with the conference call service or app you use for making international conference calls, its settings and features before scheduling a call. International conference call apps like MeetingMogul offers one touch call dialing and smart meeting services which is enabling teams across the globe connect seamlessly using just a Smartphone.

Besides making international conference calls, MeetingMogul also allows users to record meeting minutes, view meeting reminders, notify participants when they are running late for the call and review the summary of their daily calls on the go. This kind of a reliable conference call service will enable you to remain prepared for the international conference calls and connect seamlessly with the participants.

While it is okay to rely on collaborative technology for holding effective international conference calls, we cannot expect apps and tools to mind our manners. But choosing politeness can save us from any possible miscommunication. Conference call etiquettes are something we all should familiarize ourselves with because at the end of the day, a little bit of personal etiquette can go a very long way.


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