15 Best Productivity Apps for Startup Businesses

24 Aug 2017

They say that there is an app for almost everything now.

When you are running a startup or a small business, you are constantly changing job title and wearing a lot of hats at once. Naturally you start wishing there was an app to help you do your job.

You start seeking ways that will aid you in increasing your productivity and make navigation of work processes a little more convenient. Fortunately, mobile technology is now making it easier to manage time while keeping track of responsibilities.

We all have a million things on our to-do list and most of us don’t even know where to start. As a CEO or team lead you are concerned with holding meetings, conducting research, increasing communications, reaching your target audience and keeping track of all the sales while coming up with effective strategies for marketing your products and services. So how do you manage it all without driving yourself insane? Well, there are business productivity apps for all that.

Depending on your work style and demands, today we are listing down 15 of our favorite productivity apps for businesses that are helping startups around the world to effectively improve their processes.

From work flow organization to time management, communication and finance management, our best productivity apps list contains the most popular and interactive apps for startup businesses.

A multi-device collaboration app that has created buzz with its hivemind-sharing, Evernote allows users to create shared documents which can easily be edited by all collaborative users simultaneously. This business productivity app offers a time-tracking functionality to map productivity and enables the sharing of ideas, trends and research across multiple devices. The popular time-tracking feature of the Evernote app will enable you to find patterns of productivity, trim wasted time and point to areas of concern for your startup.

Another ideal app for encouraging collaborative work processes, Todo offers fully editable to-do lists along with color coded tags, notes, time and location details as well as Siri integration on iOS. The app features a full task and sharing list which is completely sharable and offers a great way to promote team-based organization, specifically for startups.

Need to keep track of things to do later? Pocket allows users to file away interesting videos, useful articles and other informative content which they might want to use in the future. The best thing about using Pocket for storing away useful items is that it can easily be accessed from your phone, computer or tablet and even works without an internet access.

Trello is a great project management tool that allows users to track workflows and provides excellent visibility into every project point. Users can create boards, add and assign tasks to share workloads, add editable checklists, upload photos and videos, customize workflows, keep tabs on projects and even invite co-workers to interact with and edit documents. The app offers a great Watch interface and tons of integrations.

This great social media publishing app allows you to streamline and easily schedule content on social media channels. Best part? This free app helps you post on multiple social networks in optimal time and allows you to increase your reach by ensuring you get the most out of each post.

Nuzzel offers personalized news discovery. By allowing you to integrate both Twitter and Facebook social profiles, it lets you find interesting stories that to help you stay on top of current industry trends and the latest news by saving time.

Now you simultaneously run your business from your phone and connect with your customers through Salesforce1. Enabling you to build a client-centered business where information regarding your client flows in from every channel, as one of the best productivity apps for businesses, it is helping startups drive business success and take smarter data-driven decisions.

MeetingMogul is a one touch conference call dialing and smart meeting app which is helping small businesses and startups across the world conduct virtual meetings with their teams seamlessly using just a Smartphone. Built for both iOS and Android, the app connects with a wide range of conference call providers including Skype for Business, Join.Me., GoToMeeting and WebEx. Users of this app can also use it through Apple Watch. Besides this, MeetingMogul also allows users to see meeting reminders, notify attendees when running late for a conference call and even review the summary of their daily calls and online meetings on the go.

Another great team messaging tool, Slack enables teams to internally chat without using large email threads for answering quick queries. The app allows the creation of private message groups and multi-channel chats for organizing conversations into different channels and circulating sensitive information. The app makes a great tool for teams and even allows integration with external sources like Twitter.

Square is a credit card processing app which allows you to accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express from absolutely anywhere in the world at a low rate. Users who signup receive a free chip card while the app also allows them to use their iPad in a Square Stand for countertop sales. Apart from offering credit card processing, Square Register app also offers other useful tools to manage various areas of your startup business.

Take care of your startup’s financial health with the Quickbooks app. The app lets you track all your business expenses and unpaid invoices, review sales, financial statements and reports and much more. The best part is that the app lets you seamlessly connect to and scour data from multiple accounts including PayPal, Square, several business accounts and even credit cards. It can be easily accessed from a variety of mobile devices and offers a range of programs to suit all kinds of startups.

Now you can sync your work and life lists through the cloud-based task management app of Wunderlist. From creating collaborative work lists to personal vacation list or project planning, Wunderlist helps you easily create and share lists by syncing with your phone, tablet and computer and allows you to access them from anywhere.

CloudMagic is an email management app which lets you manage your long list of business emails. The app offers search capabilities and cross-platform capabilities alongside an interactive user interface which allows you to scour through tons of emails coming in from various accounts. CloudMagic supports multiple accounts and even connects to services like Pocket, Evernote, Microsoft OneNote, Salesforce and even Trello.

This one is a great app for startups because it eliminates the burden of manually printing, scanning and signing a document without going through the hassle of visiting the office. HelloSign allows you to handle contracts, sign and forward them to the concerned party in the easiest possible way.

Worried about losing your passwords? Say goodbye to manual notes and stickies because Password1 lets you store all your passwords and sensitive information like bank account details, license numbers and credit card information in one protected location online. The app also offers plug-ins and extensions for all major browsers and even lets you save entries from a webpage form.

So there you have it. Fifteen best business productivity apps that will help you stay in charge of your startup and remain organized. Take a pick!


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