3 Signs Your Virtual Conferencing Platform is Wasting your Time

17 Jul 2017

Companies today operate across multiple time zones through collaborative technologies and yet conducting high quality virtual meetings still isn’t as easy for many of us as we would like to believe. Instead of taking complete advantage of the collaborative technologies at our disposal today, we are simply transferred our exhaustive multitasking mania into the digital environment, leading to a myriad of unproductive actions and creating a collective hate for meetings in general.

Ask any business leader today regarding his/her time and most will tell you that almost 80% of their time is wasted in meetings. But meetings don’t have to be unproductive – specifically the virtual ones.

In fact, collaboration in virtual settings can prove to be highly effective, given that you have the right tools and platforms to ensure productivity. There are some great virtual meeting collaboration software in the market like MeetingMogul, GoToMeeting, Skype for Business, WebEx and others that are great for connecting small to big groups for live interactive meetings. These virtual conference software not only allow real time information exchange but also excel in sharing of ideas and insights through its recording features.

However, with the availability of a wide array of virtual conference software, sometimes it gets tough to determine the best meeting software for virtual conferences. But how do you tell if the virtual conference software you have is wasting your time? We know of ways that can help:

Your Virtual Conference Software isn’t Free

A paid software does not necessarily guarantee good service. There are plenty of free virtual conference software in the market that are just as good, offering basic to high level conference call capabilities to startups and multinationals alike.

Of course many virtual conference software offer their premium services for a price but it makes sense if their basic features are free of cost, catering to all kinds of small or independent business owners.

Zero Video Conference Calling Capabilities

An easy to use interface is imperative for a meeting collaboration software, specifically those boasting video conferencing capabilities. No one wants to deal with a complicated set of conference calling features.

A good virtual conference software will be the perfect blend of the best meeting software and real time video capabilities, offering you capabilities like: allowing you to record details of your conference call, making those recordings available after call ends to the participants and allowing you to broadcast events or presentations to a massive audience across various time zones. Only the best meeting software will help you maximize multidimensional engagement with effective video conferencing.

Conference Calls are a Hassle to make

A virtual conference call should be easy to make, both for you and your participants. If your meeting collaboration software is keeps you fumbling in your Smartphone for numbers or refuses to work well with other conference call providers, then it’s clearly not the best meeting software in the market!

The right virtual conference software will allow you to join any conference call with one-touch so you don’t have to remember phone numbers again, will allow you to stay on top of all your meeting agendas and will work well with a range of conference all providers. Meeting Mogul does that and more!

Meet the Leading Virtual Conference Software in the Market

Meeting Mogul’s app is not only helping companies across the world save big on the conference call costs, but is also ensuring employee efficiency through pre-configured team bridges. Being the best meeting collaboration software in the market, Meeting Mogul is leading the conference call game with its renowned one-touch capability and easily works with all conference call providers like WebEx, GoToMeeting, Join.Me and Skype for Business.

It also offers a wide range of features to improve your team’s productivity with smart reminders to notify meeting participants of file sharing and call recordings, all the while using a complete data security.

So next time, if you feel that your current virtual conference software is wasting your time and decreasing efficiency, you know exactly what to look for and where!


David Lee

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