Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

01 Apr 2015

When we hear the word ‘app’ many of us think of Candy Crush and other games and time fillers, but not all apps are meant for entertainment. There are a number of apps that could save your life—or the life of someone around you. So, open up your App Store and start downloading these top 10 apps that can literally save your life…

  1. American Red Cross First Aid: a first-aid how-to app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your LifeMany people have trained in first aid at one time or another—but not enough. This emergency app will walk you through a disaster, basic and emergency first aid and more. There are videos, diagrams and text that are easily-accessed in the event of an emergency. This app may not only save your life—but also help you save someone else.

  1. ICE (In Case of Emergency): emergency information app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

The ICE emergency app—standing for “in case of emergency”—is an app that displays any information vital for first responders, like allergies or health conditions. It puts the information on your lock screen so that anyone can access it in the case of an emergency.

  1. MeetingMogul: conference call app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

MeetingMogul is a concierge-style conference call app, for busy traveling salespeople and executives. This single-touch business app can connect you to hands-free conference calls, make 1-touch hands-free voice notes, and send pre-defined emails or texts with a single click. Every business-rich feature is designed to keep your eyes and hands on the road—while providing you with the points of contact your business requires.

  1. Aspire News: domestic violence app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

Next on our list of top 10 apps is the Aspire News app, which is a brilliant app from Dr Phil’s wife Robin McGraw. She and her team created this app to help women in situations of domestic violence. While it looks like a regular news app hidden under the surface are a ‘Go’ button (a one-button system that alerts your friends, family and/or police that you’re in danger), quizzes that help you determine if you are indeed in a domestic violence partnership, abuse hotlines and other advice.

  1. road safety & driving app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

A quick look at the number of phone-related driving fatalities will show you just how dangerous it is to drive while using your smartphone. Beyond hands-free and Siri there’s a number of other road-safety and driving apps that can keep your focus on the road. is a hands-free texting app that reads your texts for you—removing the urge to check your texts while driving.

  1. Noom Weight Loss Coach: a weight-loss health app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

Weight loss may not seem like a life-saving goal, but when you consider that obesity-related diseases are the number one killer this is a lifesaver. By tracking your caloric intake and exercise you can help prevent death from obesity-related diseases, like heart attacks.

  1. iBreastCheck

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

Breast cancer is still one of the most dangerous diseases affecting women. Your changes of survival however increase dramatically if you catch it early. This is why breast self examinations are highly recommended for women. This app will not only walk you through the process but also give you gentle reminders to periodically check.

  1. MyQuit Coach: quitting-smoking app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

Speaking of cancer, smoking leaves you vulnerable to a number of health conditions, including cancer and lung disease. MyQuit Coach is a high-tech quitting-smoking app that will track your progress, encourage you to continue and even connect you with others trying to quit to form a digital support circle.

  1. iEmergency: emergency toolset app

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

iEmergency is like the Swiss Army Knife of emergency apps. It contains emergency dialing functions, operates in a number of languages, has a built-in flashlight, has a resource bank, works globally, can dial consulates (supported in 19 countries), allows you to add your own personal emergency numbers, has a hybrid map with points of references to give first responders, has an SOS signal and has global weather forecasting. This is a true go-to app in the event of almost any emergency… globally.

  1. Glooko: blood sugar level monitoring

Top 10 Apps That Can Literally Save Your Life

Keeping track of dangerous blood sugar levels can be a hassle that many diabetics often overlook. Enter Glooko (the last on our list of top 10 apps), which is an app that automates the blood sugar monitoring level process. Not only does it make the process easier (and more techy and fun for kids and teens) but it also takes out the potential errors of a manual process.

Isn’t technology wonderful? Forward this list of lifesaving top 10 apps to the most important people in your life. It might not only save their life, but help them save yours as well.


David Lee

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