Here are 6 Best Alternatives to Polycom Conference Phones

25 Jan 2016

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What is Polycom?

Polycom is a company that provides conference calling solutions, including audio conferencing and video conferencing products. It is well-known for the SoundStation, a meeting room essential, which allows for group conference calling enabling multiple participants in a conversation.

Up until recently, this was a great solution. Users were able to interact with various groups of relevant people, to stay connected with offices in different regions, to have important meetings without the barrier of distance, and more. However, in recent years, mobile technology, especially the use of data services, has greatly increased the available capabilities in the telecommunication market, including teleconferencing, making the Polycom phones obsolete.

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The Problem with Polycom Conference Phones

Polycom conference phones face numerous issues. Several classes of problems arise, including startup issues, problems with the dial pad and screen, as well as problems accessing the system, not to mention issues with calls and audio. Users also encounter problems with display, and face difficulties with upgrades.

In the age of information, where there’s an app for everything, there are much better alternatives to Polycom conference phones. Here are some of the best alternatives that you can use to boot Polycom phones out of your life:

ClearOne CHAT 150 Speaker Phone for Enterprise ($327)

Chat 150 speaker conference phone by ClearOne offers rich, full duplex audio communication during conference calls and bridges the gap between portability and use of small conference room use with a larger form factor.

Furthermore, it is equipped with VoIP softphones, web collaboration applications and instant messaging features that allow conduction of conference calls super convenient.

Open Box by Revolabs Wireless Conference Phone ($638)

This conference call phone offers support for multiple caller ID standards ETSI, DTMF, British Telecom, Bellcore Type 1. With an audio bandwidth of 80Hz-11,000Hz and with 2 to 4 microphone channels per system this conference calling phone allows ensures clear voice transmission with minimal noise.

Apart from some alternatives to conference call phones, there are also some great mobile conference call applications that offer the facility of conducting conference calls on iphone and android without any hassle. Mentioned below are some of the best conference calling services.

Speek (from $19 per user per month)

Speek makes conferencing easy. Registered users get a personalized link, which any guest can use to join the call with one click. Share your screen, record a conference call, or chat within the conference. File sharing is simple, and integrated with Dropbox & Google Drive. A mobile app is also available.

GoToMeeting (from $24 per user per month)

GoToMeeting has different plans for different business sizes. Adding attendees is simple, but there is an attendee limit. Features include personal meeting rooms, screen sharing, and a VoIP or phone audio option. Some plans have a session recording option. The mobile app is available for all users.


UberConference allows unlimited free conferencing, free call recordings and screen sharing. It supports file sharing from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Evernote. Call controls allow you to block out ambient noise. Plus, it even allows you to select custom hold music to convey the perfect impression to callers.

MeetingMogul (free)

MeetingMogul keeps an automatically synced list of your calls, and sends reminders so you don’t miss them. It allows participants to instantly share notes and meeting summaries, along with related emails. Calls can be easily recorded. And the best part is, no matter which conference call service you use, you can dial in to it from MeetingMogul.

Wrapping Up

Alternatives to Polycom conference phones are available in the form of conference phones by different services as well as in the form of conference calling apps. Therefore, its high time to make your conference calls productive and hassle free with the use of these user friendly and cost effective alternatives.


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