Here’s How to Save 50% on your Next Conference Call

04 Dec 2015

how to save on conference calls

Cost of conference calls are an essential expense for most businesses. And a valid one, given the money they can save on travel, accommodation and miscellaneous expenses for employees going to meetings in other places. Not to mention that companies can save huge amounts of time, which is a highly scarce resource, and one that businesses have to leverage efficiently.

The problem is that companies often end up spending exorbitant amounts on conference calls as well, reducing or cancelling out the savings from curbing travel. Conference call software and services can charge companies for conference calls with the assurance of high quality service and accountability in case something goes wrong.

However, these benefits are also true for numerous free conference call services or charge a nominal amount compared to mainstream corporate software. These conference call services boast excellent quality and customer service. And they can be held accountable for issues as well.

Critically, most conference call participants zone out on conference calls. A recent survey by Intercall, the largest international conference call company, found that more than 60% of respondents admitted to doing other work while on a conference call. So the money that you spend on your fancy conference call system and software may not give you the returns you expect.

Additionally, statistics show that video calls have greater average attention spans than regular calls. A video call, on average, will keep your team engaged for 35 minutes, compared to the 23 minutes of engagement in a regular call. Given this, it’s a great idea for companies to use video conferencing. Unfortunately, setting up a video call conferencing system would cost even more, whereas using a free app or a lower cost service could make it easily affordable.

There are lots of reliable conference call app services that companies can use to meet their daily conference call needs, and just a little digging on the Internet can help you find the right one for your company. With the help and use of these different three-way calling applications conference calls are made extremely simple and inexpensive.

Cutting costs and still conferencing has never been simpler.


David Lee

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